Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Winner of Param Vir Chakra: Naik Jadu Nath Singh

Literally, Param Vir Chakra means 'Wheel (or Cross) of the Ultimate Brave'. In Sanskrit, 'Param means Ultimate, 'Vir means Brave and 'Chakra means Wheel. Therefore India’s highest gallantry award, Param Vir Chakra is awarded to the bravest of the brave soldiers who have shown extreme valor and supreme sacrifice in the battle field .The majority of the recipients of PVC were awarded posthumously and one among them is Naik Jadu Nath Singh. Naik jadu nath Singh was the first infantry soldier who was awarded with param vir chakra on Feb.  6th  1948 for his heroic  bravery and supreme sacrifice in the battle field  .He  was born on 21ST  nov 1916 at shahjahanpur,uttar Pradesh .Naik  jadunath  does not  had  a military family background  and neither he  had a plan to join army ,he was interested in  wrestling and wanted to carry on with it further but soon he realized that army is the  right place for him and he got enrolled in the Indian army . naik jadu nath singh was enrolled in the 1 rajput ( now 4 guards 1 rajput ) on 21 nov  1941 of   Indian army at  that time it was the British Indian army . Naik jadu nath Singh was posted in 1 Rajput unit when he was killed in action on 6 Feb.  1948 aged 31 during the indo-Pakistan war of 1947. Naik Jadunath Singh was in command of a forward post in Kashmir during the 1947-48 operation there. The enemy attacked early one Feb morning. Jadunath and his men beat back the attack but four of them were wounded. The second attack came shortly afterwards. The nine men in the picket were heavily outnumbered and soon all of them were bleeding from various wounds but Jadunath spurred them on with words of encouragement. When his gunner was hit he took over the gun himself and the accuracy of his fire power and his daring forced the enemy to withdraw. When the third attack came, Jadunath rushed out firing from his sten gun. The enemy was taken back in surprise and fled in disorder. However two bullets hit Jadunath, one in the head and other in the chest. He died of his wounds but he had saved his picket from being overrun by the enemy. Naik jadu nath singh fought 3 attacks of the Pakistan army on the post and sacrificed his life but saved his post from the enemy. Jadunath Singh was awarded the Param Vir Chakra posthumously.naik jadu nath singh had given best of his service in serving the nation from 1941-1947.

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