Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Every War Has Its Own Set Of Issues And Controversies ,Even The 1971 Indo Pakistan War Has Its Own Share .There Are More Than One Reason For The  Indo - Pakistan War, The Main Among Them Is India’s Support  To  East Pakistan ( Now Bangladesh) In Its Liberation War Against  West Pakistan .  The Operation Searchlight Against Increasing Rebels In East Pakistan Made 10 Million Bangladeshi To Take Shelter In India  , It  Is The First Indicator For India That Sooner Or  Later Both The Countries Will Be In A State Of War.

The Aerial Conflicts Between INDIAN AIR FORCE (IAF) And PAKISTAN AIR FORCE (PAF) Has Already Been Started In The Month Of November But What Lead To Declaration Of War By Respective Countries Is Operation Chengiz Khan, That Had Finally Brought Both The Countries In A State Of War. Operation Chengiz Khan Is The Code Name For Pakistan Air Attacks On Indian Airfields. On Evening Of 3rd December 1971, Pakistan Air Force Attacked Forward Air Bases And Radar Installation Of Indian Air Force .The First Attack Of PAF Was On Pathankot Airfield Which Have Severely Damaged  Its Runway And The Follow Up Attacks Are On Amritsar ,Agra ,Halwara ,Srinagar, Sirsa , Uttarlai , Avantipur ,Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, And Jamnagar. Even Railway Stations And Indian Armor Concentrations Had Been Attacked By PAF  On The Same Night  .In Total PAF Have Dropped 183 Bombs Over 12 Targets And 120 Hits Are Reported By Pilots. Still The Attacks By PAF Are Not Able To Cause Much Damage To IAF, As One Of The Reason Given By PAF Officials, Is   The Bombs Dropped Were Old,  Have Been Used In Second World War And Therefore  the targets are not achieved  And The Second And Main Cause For Pakistan Air Force Failure Is That India Had Moved All The Aircrafts From its  Airfields To Provide Support To Mufti Bhini protests  Against West Pakistan . Indian Air Force Also Retaliated To These Attacks On The Same Night, Indian Air Force Targeted 8 Pakistan Airfields Of Murid, Mianwali, Sargodha, Chander, Risalewala, Rafiqui, And Masroor. ,In Total There Are 23 Combat Exit  Led By Indian Air Force  Which Caused Heavy Damages In Sargodha And Mansoor Airfields  .

 The Then Prime Minister MRS. .INDIRA GANDHI After Midnight Made An Radio Announcement And Declared That India Is In A State Of War With  Pakistan .Next Day Both The  Countries Have  declared  The declarion Of War, Yet There Is No Official Declaration Of War  From Both The Countries .The operation chengiz khan  Was Just The Beginning Of Indo Pak War Which Have Ultimately Resulted In India’s And East Pakistan  Victory And Formation Of a New State Bangladesh.