Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Bravery  Another  Name Is Gorkha.As Rightly  Quoted By Former Indian Army Chief Of Staff  Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw “IF A MAN SAYS HE IS NOT AFRAID OF DYING,HE IS EITHER LYING OR IS GORKHA.”Since Independence Of India  In 1947, Gorkha Regiment Has  played A Very crucial  Part In The Indian Army during india's four  war with pakistan(1947-1948,1965,1971,1999).............. and INDIA's conflict  with china(1962).Even........... Before INDIA’S  Independence, Gorkha Regiment Has Shown Its Tremendous Fighting Abilities In World War I And World War II , Under The British Indian Army . As The Heartland Of Gorkhas Is Nepal Yet They Can Join Indian Or British Army As  After India Got Freedom From United Kingdom It Was Decided By Both The Governments To Split The Gorkha Regiment Between Indian And British Armies , Six Gorkha Units  Became The Part Of Indian Army While Four  Were Transferred To The British Army. To Maintain Economic Stability And Social Harmony In The Gorkha Recruiting Areas.  The Tripartite Agreement Was Signed By India ,United Kingdom And Nepal. As Per The Terms Of British-India-Nepal Tripartite Agreement,Six Gurkha Regiments Formerly  Part Of The British Indian Army Became Part Of Indian Army And Served Ever Since.Seventh Gurkha Rifles Was Re Raised In Indian Army After The Independence To Accommodate The 7Th And 10Th Gurkha Rifles Who Refused To  Be A Part Of The British Army.

“BETTER TO DIE  THAN TO BE A COWARD”  Is The Motto Of The World –Famous  Gorkha Regiment.They Still Carry Their Traditional  18-Inch Long Curved  Knife Known As Kukri  In The Battle Fields. In The Past Times ,It Has Been Said That Once Kukri  Entered In The Battle Field It Has To Taste Blood Otherwise The Owner Of The Kukri  Has To Cut Himself Before Returning To His Sheath.Gorkha Regiment Has Produced Many  War Heroes And Even India’s Two Field Marshal  , They  Also Have Been Awarded With Many Gallantry Awards For Their Selfless Sacrifice And Bravery  For  The Nation.What Makes This Regiment Bravest Of The Brave Is A Combination Of Lot Of Ingredients ,Their Physical And Mental Robustness,Flexibility ,Intelligence,Loyalty And The Most Important Of All Is Their Fatalism Outlook Which  Makes Them Conquer Their Fear Of Death  .Gorkha Regiment Has Been Serving In The Indian Army For A Very Long Time.India Have Never Won A War Where Gorkha Soldiers Blood Has Not Shed .Gorkha Soldiers Have Always Fought Courageously  With Full Determination And Valour For Pride And Protection Of India .These Brave Gorkhas Have Never Stepped Back Fearing From Their Death And Always Lived Up to Their Reputation.Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw Was Also From Gorkha Regiment And Was Up Till Now  Considered As  The Finest Officer In The Indian Army.The First Battalion Of Gorkha Has Been Raised During The British Rule In 1815 In India.The Gorkha Regiment Has Served In The Indian Army With Valour  Since Then .

 “IF DEATH STRIKES BEFORE I PROVE MY BLOOD ,I SWEAR I WILL KILL DEATH” Stated By Captain Manoj Pandey Who Has Been Awarded With India’s Highest Gallantry Award PARAM VIR CHAKRA For His Courage And Leadership During Kargil War.Its Because These Brave Officers,That We,The People Can Sleep Freely And Live Without Any Fear ,Because Somewhere Deep Down In Our Hearts We Know That We Are Safe Enough ,Because Our Soldiers Are There Protecting Our Borders And Motherland .The Gorkha Regiment War  Cry  Is   ”AYO GORKHALI”  Which  Means  Gorkhas  Are  Here.

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