Tuesday, 31 March 2015


The Battle Of Rezang La Was One Such Bright Episode, In The Dark Days Of  sino -Indian War In 1962 ,Which Brought National Honour .It Has Been Rightly Said That Greatest Battles Are Fought and  Won When The Odds Are Hopeless And Defeat  And Deaths Are Inevitable.The  Battle  Of Rezang La Was One Such Battle Of Unprecedented Courage ,Valour And Supreme Sacrifice,A Battle Fought At An Height Of 18000 Ft Above Sea Level With Just 120 Indian Soldiers As  Against Of  5000-6000 Chinese Soldiers.A Battle Which Does Not Have Any Pleasant Memories But Yet The Courage And Sacrifice  Of C Company   Of 13 KUMAON Battalion Will Always Be remembered  As Glorified Victory For The Nation .Looking Back In The Events Of The Battle Of Rezangla Our Hearts Filled Up With Respect And Pride  For The Brave Soldiers Of  c company, 13 KUMAON Battalion Whose Bravery And Sacrifice  set  Example of bravery  For  India and The World.UNESCO Have Published 8 War Stories And The Battle Of Rezangla is  One Among Them.

The Reason Behind Sino-Indian War 1962,Could Be Many But Mainly Two Prime Reasons Paved The Path For Chinese Declaring War Against India , One Is India's increasing  Role In Tibetan Revolts Against China And India Granting  Shelter To  Dalai Lama After Uprising Of Tibet Which Immensely Upset Them And Another One Is Forward  Policy Of India,That Lead India To Place Many Outposts  Near Border,Including Several On The  Macmohan Line That Chinese Did Not Recognise As International Border. Whatever The  Circumstances And Reasons Maybe The Thought  Of  Sino-Indian War Always Brings Unpleasant Memories And thoughts   In our  Mind As  Because Of India's  Failure In  The War,But Even  How Desperately We Want To Forget About India’s Failure In The War Yet We Cannot Forget The Chapters Of Unprecedented Courage,Bravery And Sacrifice Of  Our Soldiers In The War.One Such Chapter  Of Bravery And Supreme Sacrifice  ,Shown In The War Of 1962 Against Chinese Is,  By The Brave Men  Of  C company of  The 13 Kumaon Battalion In The Battle Of Rezang La.
In The Cold Winter  Morning Of 18 November 1962,The Chinese Army Attacked  The Chushul Airfield.Chushul Is Vital For India  To Keep An Hold On Ladakh Therefore Charlie Company A Battalion Called 13 KUMAON Lead By Major Shaitan Singh Fought Against Maybe 5000-6000 Chinese Soldiers ,Fully Equipped With Artillery. While Indian Soldiers Do Not Have Proper Ammunition,  Nor They Had Men .The Company Just Had 120 Men As against Of 5000 -6000 Chinese Soldiers ,Yet The Company Decided To Fight Till Their Last Round ,Last Breath.they fought gloriously   and 120 men of the c company killed almost  1300 Chinese soldiers .
Even After So Many Years Of  The Battle Of Rezangla, Images Are Fresh In The Minds of  Those Who Have Survived It, Images Of The Soldiers ,Who Died Fighting Yet They Dint Stop,A Jawan Holding His Light Machine Gun,Dead,But Did Not Stop Clasping His Gun And A Jawan Throwing Grenade,Dead,Still Holding  Grenade In His Hands, Even The Chinese Cannot Take Out Grenade From His Hand  . Even The Harsh Climatic Condition Made The Situation Worse,Some Soldiers Were Frozen In Fighting Position,their damaged weapons by Chinese artillery still clenched by them . But Still The C company of 13 KUMAON battalion , Never Looked Back ,They Kept On Fighting ,Not Even One Soldier From The Company Have Been Shot In The Back All Are  Shot On Their Chests,each soldier of the company have killed 10 Chinese soldier and then died. The  Battle of rezang la also recorded the   Highest Number Of Casualties of infantry ,ever recorded  In Indian Army , As Out Of 120 Men Of c company ,The 13 KUMAON Battalion 114 Died And Just 6 Survived Out Of Which 5 Were Captivated By Chinese As Prisoners But They Managed To Escape And One Was Sent To Tell The Story Of The Battle Of Rezang La To The World By Not Other Then The leader  Of This Brave Battalion, Major Shaitan Singh.
Major Shaitan Singh Though Was The leader Of The c  Company  of 13 KUMAON battalion  But He Was Not A Kumaon,He Is From Rajasthan,A Rajput.Major Shaitan Singh Though Has Shaitan As His Name But He Turned Out To Be God For His Company And India.If The Battle Of Rezangla Was Lost And Chushul Airfield Was Captivated By Chinese Then The Picture Of India Would Be Totally Different From What It Is Today.Even Major Shaitan Singh Have To Sacrifice His Life In The Battle And He  Was Awarded With India's Highest Gallantry Honour Param Vir Chakra.

the monument at chushul reads as;
how can a man die better,

than facing fearful odds,

for the ashes of his father,

and temples of his god.
few episodes of  heroism and bravery in the war history ,can match the c company of 13 KUMAON battalion.but what distinguishes the glory of c company from others is the sacrifice even after knowing the result.c company jawans have fully sacrificed themselves in defending chusul but not for a prize ,it was a selfless sacrifice and this makes them more glorious then others.we cannot say that  battle of rezangla as a unplanned or foolish  act of a battalion, because it had changed the picture of sino-indian war.the battle of rezangla helped in reducing the momentum of Chinese attack and gave time to other battalions to prepare for defence.we even lost the sino-indian war but the glory of the c company,13 KUMAON battalion cannot be ignored,their glory will always be remembered  by the nation


Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Bravery  Another  Name Is Gorkha.As Rightly  Quoted By Former Indian Army Chief Of Staff  Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw “IF A MAN SAYS HE IS NOT AFRAID OF DYING,HE IS EITHER LYING OR IS GORKHA.”Since Independence Of India  In 1947, Gorkha Regiment Has  played A Very crucial  Part In The Indian Army during india's four  war with pakistan(1947-1948,1965,1971,1999).............. and INDIA's conflict  with china(1962).Even........... Before INDIA’S  Independence, Gorkha Regiment Has Shown Its Tremendous Fighting Abilities In World War I And World War II , Under The British Indian Army . As The Heartland Of Gorkhas Is Nepal Yet They Can Join Indian Or British Army As  After India Got Freedom From United Kingdom It Was Decided By Both The Governments To Split The Gorkha Regiment Between Indian And British Armies , Six Gorkha Units  Became The Part Of Indian Army While Four  Were Transferred To The British Army. To Maintain Economic Stability And Social Harmony In The Gorkha Recruiting Areas.  The Tripartite Agreement Was Signed By India ,United Kingdom And Nepal. As Per The Terms Of British-India-Nepal Tripartite Agreement,Six Gurkha Regiments Formerly  Part Of The British Indian Army Became Part Of Indian Army And Served Ever Since.Seventh Gurkha Rifles Was Re Raised In Indian Army After The Independence To Accommodate The 7Th And 10Th Gurkha Rifles Who Refused To  Be A Part Of The British Army.

“BETTER TO DIE  THAN TO BE A COWARD”  Is The Motto Of The World –Famous  Gorkha Regiment.They Still Carry Their Traditional  18-Inch Long Curved  Knife Known As Kukri  In The Battle Fields. In The Past Times ,It Has Been Said That Once Kukri  Entered In The Battle Field It Has To Taste Blood Otherwise The Owner Of The Kukri  Has To Cut Himself Before Returning To His Sheath.Gorkha Regiment Has Produced Many  War Heroes And Even India’s Two Field Marshal  , They  Also Have Been Awarded With Many Gallantry Awards For Their Selfless Sacrifice And Bravery  For  The Nation.What Makes This Regiment Bravest Of The Brave Is A Combination Of Lot Of Ingredients ,Their Physical And Mental Robustness,Flexibility ,Intelligence,Loyalty And The Most Important Of All Is Their Fatalism Outlook Which  Makes Them Conquer Their Fear Of Death  .Gorkha Regiment Has Been Serving In The Indian Army For A Very Long Time.India Have Never Won A War Where Gorkha Soldiers Blood Has Not Shed .Gorkha Soldiers Have Always Fought Courageously  With Full Determination And Valour For Pride And Protection Of India .These Brave Gorkhas Have Never Stepped Back Fearing From Their Death And Always Lived Up to Their Reputation.Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw Was Also From Gorkha Regiment And Was Up Till Now  Considered As  The Finest Officer In The Indian Army.The First Battalion Of Gorkha Has Been Raised During The British Rule In 1815 In India.The Gorkha Regiment Has Served In The Indian Army With Valour  Since Then .

 “IF DEATH STRIKES BEFORE I PROVE MY BLOOD ,I SWEAR I WILL KILL DEATH” Stated By Captain Manoj Pandey Who Has Been Awarded With India’s Highest Gallantry Award PARAM VIR CHAKRA For His Courage And Leadership During Kargil War.Its Because These Brave Officers,That We,The People Can Sleep Freely And Live Without Any Fear ,Because Somewhere Deep Down In Our Hearts We Know That We Are Safe Enough ,Because Our Soldiers Are There Protecting Our Borders And Motherland .The Gorkha Regiment War  Cry  Is   ”AYO GORKHALI”  Which  Means  Gorkhas  Are  Here.

Sunday, 22 March 2015


Anjana Bhadoria  was  one of  the 25  women cadets of  the first  woman cadet batch of   Indian army   in 1992  inducted  through the Women Special Entry Scheme (WSES).The  journey  for  Anjana     in  the  Armed  forces  was not easy but its her  faith and determination to conquer her fears which  led her way to success as rightly quoted “ it is fatal to enter an war without the will to win it”.

She believed in "To live for something rather than die for nothing ", she followed her belief and joined the  armed forces in 1992 .Anjana bhadoria father was in Airforce so she already has a glimpse of what life in the armed forces  was  all about , “discipline, self-respect, pride for unit and  country, a high sense of duty and obligation to comrades and to superiors, and a self confidence born of demonstrated ability.” .Before joining the Indian army she had completed her Msc in Microbiology and was working in one of the pharmaceutical firm in Chandigarh.  Initially her family was not in favour of her  joining the armed forces but they have to give up in front of Anjana passion for armed forces.she too have  proved herself  by topping her batch and getting gold medal .when Anjana got commissioned her first posting was In Calcutta.

Initial years of her service as a women officer in the armed force  were not easy as people  are not familiar with women officers in army at that time but Anjana bhadoria with her faith and determination   paved her way towards her success  and  served 10 years  in  the Indian army.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Guns and Glory

  War is a state of armed conflict between states  and non state actors .many wars have been fought up till now.The circumstances and reasons may differ from one another but the extreme collective aggression, destruction, and usually high mortality  remains same in every war.The intensity of destruction too vary from one another like The deadliest war in history, in terms of the cumulative number of deaths since its start, is the second world war, with 60–85 million deaths, followed by the Mongol conquests.Proportionally speaking, the most destructive war in modern history is the War of the  Triple Alliance, which took the lives of over 60% of Paraguay's  population.

The question arises does anyone really win the war? answer  to this  question differs from person to person, maybe yes ,to some  spectators of war,but definitely no ,for those  who are part  of the war because they have lost something in the war.some of them have lost their friends ,husbands, sons,fathers,brothers  and  so on, the list is never ending .even the nation loses their brave  fighters .so in a way whether you win the  war or  not  you are definitely losing something in the war.

 Then why wars are fought and if we are  losing  something  even after winning the war then  whats the sense of fighting ? some scholars see warfare as a universal and ancestral aspect of human nature, others argue that it is only a result of specific socio-cultural or ecological circumstances.reasons and logic of warfare could be many but when war starts its inevitable.THE prime responsibility in any war was put on the shoulders of their  soldiers and These brave soldiers gloriously fought these battles and sacrifice their today for our tomorrow .surely we do lose something in the war but these men earn something which is worth of their sacrifice," respect and pride" for their heroism ,patriotism and bravery in the battle field .